Attack/Strength/Defence 99 in NMZ

Ranged 99 in NMZ

Before watching the Ranged tutorial I would like to say that I changed Magic Bow (i) & Rune Arrows to Mithril Darts, it’s a lot cheaper (9gp each currently), you can start doing it from lvl 20 ranged & the XP/H is very comparable (I will include calculations at some point).

You’ll need around 240k Mithril darts to get from lvl 20-99 ranged.

Magic 99 in NMZ

You can actually get 99 magic in f2p with splashing fire strike which will cost you around 15M cash. Getting 99 magic in p2p costs more if you count the cost of bonds, but if you have membership anyways I recommend doing the fire strike method explained in the video below. Something to consider.

I choose to afk Attack/Strength/Defence & Ranged in NMZ.

I splash all my accounts in F2P.

I will be making an in depth NMZ tutorial but if you’re interested in max AFK NMZ tutorials in the meanwhile I can highly recommend the following YouTube tutorials.