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 About Me

Streaming Old School Runescape, drinking sodas, making 3D stuff & loving space. HCIM, GIM & multilogger of 100+ accounts.

 About the Oldschool Runescape 100 account project

I made all these accounts to try, test and develop various pvm methods involving a lot of accounts. Things to look forward too;

  • Infernal cape grinds (I want to get them on all accounts if I can)
  • Stuff with 100 cannons
  • Infinite spec transfer shenanigans
  • Minigames with many accounts (my own PC boat)

The project is an Old School RuneScape grind but it’s also a grind for knowledge & in-game financial means.

Configuring OBS to automatically switch between RuneLite clients has proven to be quite difficult to setup and even more difficult to optimize.


All of the grinds I need to do to realize this project fortunately are activities I enjoy working on. The journey has been very enjoyable.


I hope you share some or even more of the enthusiasm I have for this project, and if you want to follow it’s progression you can see me live on Twitch.

 Get in touch!

If you want to reach me for any reason, feel free to send me an e-mail:

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