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Streaming Old School Runescape, drinking sodas, making 3D stuff & loving space. HCIM & multilogger of 107 accounts.

I strongly believe in avoiding the “comfort zone” and integrating time every day dedicated to improve my craft as a recipe to success in the long-term.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website.

 About the Oldschool Runescape 100 account project

I made all these accounts to try and develop various pvm methods involving a lot of accounts. Things to look forward too;

  • Infernal cape on all 100 accounts
  • 100 man Giant Mole hunting (100 cannons)
  • 40 man Corp trips
  • 100 man Armadyl trips

The project is an Old School RuneScape grind but it’s also a grind for knowledge & financial means.

Configuring OBS to automatically switch between RuneLite clients has proven to be quite difficult to setup and even more difficult to optimize.


All of the grinds I need to do to realize this project fortunately are activities I enjoy working on.


I hope you share some or even more of the enthusiasm I have for this project, and if you want to follow it’s progression you can see me live on Twitch almost every evening for 3 hours starting at 10PM GMT+2.

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